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Carrfields N16 - Wool Sale - 15 October 2020 - Wools of New Zealand
Oct 2020
N16 – Wool Sale – 15 October 2020

Prices for all wool types increased at todays North Island wool sale. Of note was the continued increase for the finer combing Hogget’s on the back of strong demand for these types. The Europeans have continued to buy, and the Indians have been lifting their prices as our market has improved. The Chinese buyers appear to be dipping their “toes in the water” after a long period of subdued business which is pleasing to see. Competition was again well spread with 98% of the offering sold.
XBD Fleece ~ 10% dearer.
XBD 2nd Shear ~ 8% dearer.
XBD Hgt 2nd Shear ~ 10 to 15% dearer.
XBD Oddments ~ 7 to 12% dearer.

Sale approximately 2%
CPW 5%

Next Sale:
South C17
Thursday 22 October 2020
Approx. 8,893 bales

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