Wools of New Zealand offer a comprehensive suite of wool brokering services throughout New Zealand, delivering seamless access to local and international markets.

The company operates from wool stores in eleven key locations (seven in the North Island and four in the South Island) and employs a large network of technically competent field staff. Its wide range of specialist wool services, on-farm and off, focuses on maximising returns to its woolgrower clients and expanding their marketing opportunities.

Wool handled by Wools of New Zealand may be sold at auction or by private sale, or marketed directly to carpet mills, yarn-makers and wool exporters. The company handles all wool types from very fine wool clips, right through the mid-micron range to the strong wool varieties. All these types have a valuable role to play in the production of highly sort-after, lightweight fashion apparel and natural woollen fabrics and carpets.

Wools of New Zealand support the global return to this eco-friendly, renewable resource which offers wide-ranging health and safety benefits. Talk to us about making the very best of your primary product.

Innovative and back-to-back wool marketing
Independent status and open market approach to selling
Proven end-market integration for all wool types
Commitment to wool research and development programmes
Highly developed processing methods to maximise returns
Supports new initiatives to increase demand for New Zealand wool


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Wools of NZ supports the global return to this eco-friendly, renewable resource that offers wide-ranging health and safety benefits. Talk to us about making the very best of your primary product.


ADDRESS 1194 Maraekakaho Road,
PO Box 2433, Stortford Lodge,
Hastings 4153
HEAD OFFICE 0800 276 999
OFFICE PHONE +64 6 835 5066
FAX  +64 6 835 1767
EMAIL info.nz@woolsnz.com


John mcwhirter CEO
Wools of New Zealand
MOBILE +64 27 332 3049
EMAIL john.mcwhirter@woolsnz.com


simon averill National Wool Manager
MOBILE +64 27 220 4737
EMAIL simon.averill@woolsnz.com


Mark Greenlaw National Wool Sales Manager
MOBILE +64 27 227 8898
EMAIL mark.greenlaw@woolsnz.com


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