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Carrfields C40 – WOOL SALE – 31 MARCH 2022 - Wools of New Zealand
Mar 2022
C40 – WOOL SALE – 31 MARCH 2022

Wool prices continued their decline today, prices for all categories suffered significant drops.  Oddments in particular, are very difficult to quote.  The root cause of this is major shipping issues associated with resourcing and delays.  Exporters are unable to move their wool and financing future purchases is very tight for them due to wool not being able to shipped out of NZ to receive payment on delivery.

Lambs wool again lost major ground with these markets being very difficult and under immense pressure.


Sale approximately 26%
WNZ 26%

Next Sale:
Thursday, 7 April 2022
Approx. 8,400 Bales


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