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Carrfields C09 - Wool Sale - 27 August 2020 - Carrfields Primary Wool Limited
Aug 2020
C09 – Wool Sale – 27 August 2020

Another excellent offering of pre-lamb wool saw prices not reflect the quality of wool on offer. All types were cheaper with the largest falls in the 21 micron to 30 micron. 25.0 to 27.0 micron was very difficult to quote as most of these categories were passed in at very fluctuating levels. The pipe line is certainly filling up especially at the manufacturing end where the uncertain world economy is having a major influence, with discretionary income not what it use to be. Passings are increasing every sale and with more fine wool's coming forward and the Australian wool market having some major issues the NZ fine wool market is in for some interesting times heading towards Christmas. We would encourage growers to give very firm selling instructions for their wool over the next couple of months as the markets are changing every day.

Sale approximately 29%
CPW 18%

Next Sale:
North N10
Thursday 3 September 2020
Approx. 7,120 bales

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