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Carrfields Wool insulation, a simple choice, supporting the wool industry - Carrfields Primary Wool Limited
Jun 2020
Wool insulation, a simple choice, supporting the wool industry

The wool industry is currently experiencing challenging times in the local and international markets. Our team is working hard to keep momentum, remain positive and continue supporting our growers to the highest of our ability.

What we can all do, is a bit of self-promotion, promoting the use of some of the wonderful products that can be manufactured using wool. Products that are high-quality, natural and beneficial to the end user.

A great example is wool home insulation. The benefits of using wool insulation speak for themselves. Insulating the home, is one of the simplest ways we can keep our homes warmer, dryer and even cooler in the summer months. Wool is a natural insulator, with the crimps in the fibre trapping pockets of air, providing a barrier from the elements. Wool insulation purifies the air, regulates humidity, insulates sound, is naturally fire retardant, won’t itch and is sustainable. What more can we say?

Well, most of the local hardware and building supply stores do not currently carry a large stock of wool insulation, meaning that supply of this product is a custom order, which leads to delays of supply, leading to fibre-glass alternatives being purchased. For those who are building, planning to build or renovating, we urge you to contact your builder or supplier and order this superior wool product in advance.

The advantages not only apply to the industry and the end user. Wool insulation is also a positive alternative for builders and insulation installers, installing this product into properties. James Baird from Bixter Station in northern Southland has recently completed a full insulation job with wool on a new station house, James said “he was stoked to be working with wool, with no itch and it was easy to work with and install”.

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