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CP Wool is proud to be working with our partners in New Zealand and across the globe. We have established business relationships locally and extending to the United States of America. CP Wool works with growers to ensure the best value for them and the end users with their high-quality wool products.

CP Wool ensure that we partner with only the best and we conduct a strict process for selection when establishing these relationships.

The versatility of wool means our partners use it for a multitude of products and industries. Here are some of our current partnerships that are producing an extensive range of products for consumers.


Hushaberry Heritage

We are proud to be exclusive suppliers to Hushaberry Heritage who were established in 2018 by James and Amie Nilsson, who are also the founders of the very successful Merino Kids clothing brand, www.merinokids.co.nz. Hushaberry Heritage is a luxury interiors brand of soft furnishings and floorings which includes customised woollen throws, rugs, carpets, felt panels and room dividers as well as furniture, bed linen and other soft furnishings.

The product range is developed from 100% New Zealand wool and can be viewed at www.hushaberry.com


Hemp New Zealand

Hemp New Zealand is 100% New Zealand owned by the Jordan and Draper families, who operate a hemp growing programme across five regions. Hemp New Zealand grows, harvests and processes bulk hemp food products and industrial materials. HempFarm NZ, a division of Hemp New Zealand, is the company’s retail health supplement and skincare brand.

Hemp New Zealand is opening a brand new 4,000 square metre certified organic food facility based in Tauranga in January 2019. Along with hemp wool blends and food products, the company is looking to enter other future New Zealand markets such as medicinal CBD extraction, which will help tackle a number of current environmental, social and economic challenges. Hemp New Zealand partnered with NZ Yarn in 2018 to bring hemp and wool blended products to market. https://www.hempfarm.co.nz


CP Wool are an exclusive broker of Astino wool grown for Lanaco. Lanaco develops and manufactures high performing, multi-functional filter media using natural wool as the key ingredient for a vast range of air filtration applications. Their highly versatile technology platform means their air filters can be tailored and customized to suit the needs of the user, enabling them to have healthier, safer air.

To view the range of products they manufacture visit https://www.lanaco.co.nz


Global Merino

Global Merino is a technical textile manufacturer, founded in California, USA, which uses merino wool as a primary ingredient, in a variety of ways.
Some of its textiles were 100% wool, others were blended and some were unique constructions. Customers include outdoor brands along with sports specialist brands catering to the likes of cyclists, skiers, and runners.


First Lite

We are exclusive suppliers to First Lite who were born in the Rockies. First Lite’s mission is to create simple, proven, versatile hunting apparel that provides comfort and performance in any situation while working to promote the pursuit of ethical hunting and land stewardship.

First Lite strives to provide the best possible apparel for the hunter who demands nothing less. They fully understand the passion of their customers and pride themselves on more than simply producing awesome gear.

Prestige Carpets

Prestige Carpets are passionate about delivering only the finest quality carpets from Australia and around the world.

With more than half a century’s combined industry experience, they have established an impeccable reputation based around their brand’s three core values:  PRECISION     INNOVATION    SOPHISTICATION

They are committed to using pure New Zealand wool, cutting edge tufted and woven construction methods, creating stylish and desirable colour palettes and textures. Prestige Carpets are the first choice for Australia’s leading designers and architects.

Prestige Carpets is an Australian owned and operated company and CP Wool are proud to be working with Prestige Carpets, supplying wool from New Zealand, to Melbourne.

Honest Wolf

Honest Wolf is run by Sam and Sophie Hurley. They are the third generation to farm at Papanui Estate, a sheep and beef farm near Hunterville, in the North Island of New Zealand.

The majority of their wool is produced for carpet, but they also had vision for utilising wool in a simple and honest way. They have since developed a range of everyday goods made with wool and leather.

Visit their website www.honestwolf.co.nz to view their product range.