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Carrfields N48 - Wool Sale - 27 May 2021 - Wools of New Zealand
May 2021
N48 – Wool Sale – 27 May 2021

Wool prices at today’s sale lifted in line with strong buyer demand compared to our last North Island sale. All buyers were active with 97% of the offering selling. There was strong demand for the European second shear types and these lifted by the biggest margin today. These European types have to be a good colour and most importantly have low or no VM (vegetable matter). We have commented in recent reports on the importance of keeping wigs separate (even out of the B&P) and as of today, we saw up to 20 cent premium paid for the low VM types. 1st lambs continued to struggle as there is still limited interest for these combing types from China.

XBD Fleece ~ 5 to 10% dearer.
XBD 2nd shear ~ 6 to 12% dearer.
XBD Hgt 2nd shear ~ 7% dearer.
XBD 1st Lambs ~ 2 to 3% dearer. 2nd Lambs ~ 3% dearer.
XBD Oddments ~ 3 to 8% dearer.

Sale approximately 3%
CPW 4%

Next Sale:
Thursday 3 June 2021
Approx. 5,511 bales

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