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Carrfields N42 – Wool Sale – 15 APRIL 2021 - Carrfields Primary Wool Limited
Apr 2021
N42 – Wool Sale – 15 APRIL 2021

Prices at todays North Island Sale were mixed with the poor colour fleece & shears generally unchanged to up to 8 cents cheaper. Meanwhile, the average to good colour fleece & shears which were well skirted and not showing vegetable matter (VM) were up to 12 cents dearer. The CP Wool catalogue today had a large number of lots with high VM and colour which sold ok although they were discounted. This is a good opportunity to remind your wool handlers to remove the top-knots and keep these separate, even from the bellies & pieces. 93% of our offering today sold to a strong bench of buyers, with the top four buyers each purchasing well over 1000 bales each. The NZ exporters are still troubled with shipping issues as vessels are delayed, and in some cases bypassing ports which obviously causes ongoing issues.

XBD Fleece - Generally Par to 5% cheaper
XBD 2nd Shear Bb & BB/B Style - 6% dearer, B Style - Unchanged
B Minus & B/C Style - Par to 3% dearer
1st Lambs 29.5mic and finer - Par to 5% cheaper
1st Lambs 30mic and coarser - Par to 4% dearer
2nd Lambs - Unchanged
XBD Oddments - 2 to 4% cheaper

Next Sale:
South Island C43
Thursday 22 April 2021
Approx. 9,645 Bales

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