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Carrfields N40 - Wool Sale - 31 March 2021 - Carrfields Primary Wool Limited
Apr 2021
N40 – Wool Sale – 31 March 2021

Prices at today’s North Island sale were weaker for all types. Most effected were the poor coloured fleece and shears along with most lamb types. Good colour fleece and shears were marginally cheaper. As with almost all sales this year well skirted and presented fleece and shears are bringing a 35-45 cent premium. It appears there are number of reasons adding to today’s market movement, with the strong lift seen in the market since mid-February there has been resistance from overseas to follow the increasing market prices. The volume of wool has been above roster as more wool has been offered taking advantage of the increasing prices and to top this off, shipping is still fraught with problems including less vessels, slow discharge rates in port, increased freight rates and most recently the Suez canal being blocked. These shipping problems have resulted in shipping delays for NZ exporters which naturally increases stock levels and tightens cash flow. Competition was again well spread with 93% of the offering selling today.

XBD Fleece BB/B and B style ~ Nominally 7.5% cheaper. B minus to C style 12% cheaper.
XBD 2nd shear BB/B and B style 2.5 to 5% cheaper. B minus to C style 10 to 15% cheaper.
XBD 1st Lambs ~ 7 to 15% cheaper. XBD Oddments and 2nd Lambs ~ 3 to 5% cheaper.

Sale approximately 2%

Next Sale:
C42 / N42
Thursday 15 April 2021
North Approx. 5,600 bales
South Approx. 5,600 bales

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