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Carrfields N31 - Wool Sale - 30 January 2020 - Wools of New Zealand
Jan 2020
N31 – Wool Sale – 30 January 2020

The North Island market trend since Christmas has continued at today’s wool sale. XBD Fleece and Second Shears were met with good competition and were only slightly cheaper. Unfortunately, the 1st Lambs were a different story, as almost all types of lamb’s wool were 20 – 60 cents cheaper as the buyers continued to be very selective with what they purchased. Any Lambs that were not well prepared and contained even a small amount of vegetable matter were further discounted. It was noted that of the 285 bales passed, 230 of these were 1st Lambs.

XBD Fleece ~ 1 to 2% cheaper. Good colour 1% dearer. XBD 2nd Shear ~ 1 to 2% cheaper.
1st Lambs ~ generally 10% cheaper.
2nd Lambs ~ generally 8% cheaper.
XBD Oddments ~ par to 2% dearer.

Sale approximately 16%
CPW 9%

Next Sales:
North Island N32
Wednesday 5 February 2020
N32 Approx. 5,129 bales

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