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Carrfields N30 - Wool Sale - 23 January 2020 - Wools of New Zealand
Jan 2020
N30 – Wool Sale – 23 January 2020

Wool prices continued to move sideways again today with the exception of 1st Lambs. Crossbred fleece and Shears were generally unchanged, to buyers favour, as the NZ exporters continue to find new business difficult to secure. Trade sanctions between the USA and China are thawing but the likes of carpet still have tariffs applied. This is most unfortunate when we consider the natural attributes of wool carpet compared to similar plastic carpet. 1st Lambs were again cheaper today with the coarser Lambs most affected. The coarser Lambs have been difficult to sell, and this is being reflected in the sale room.

XBD Fleece ~ 1 to 2% cheaper.
XBD 2nd Shear ~ Par to 1% cheaper.
1st Lambs ~ 28mic and finer 2 to 3% cheaper, 28.5mic and coarser generally 12% cheaper.
2nd Lambs ~ 2 to 5% cheaper.
XBD Oddments ~ Par to 2% dearer.

Sale approximately 12%
CPW 12%

Next Sales:
North/South Islands N31/C31
Thursday 30 January 2020
N31 Approx. 7,148 bales
C31 Approx. 10,201 bales

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