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Carrfields N29 - Wool Sale - 16 January 2020 - Carrfields Primary Wool Limited
Jan 2020
N29 – Wool Sale – 16 January 2020

Wool prices continued to ease at the North Island wool sale today. Although there was a good clearance, buyers were selective and had firm limits on price.
The Chinese New Year is on January 25th which tends to slow imports, but it is doubtful if this was affecting todays sale.
It was pleasing to see the wool presented was very good quality with the better prepared clips least affected by the easing prices. The first lambs are still proving difficult to move and buyers are very selective on micron, colour and length.

XBD Fleece ~ Par to 1% cheaper.
XBD 2nd Shear ~ Par to 1% cheaper.
XBD 1st Lambs ~ Generally 2.4% cheaper.
XBD Oddments ~ 5% dearer.

Sale approximately 10%
CPW 9%

Next Sales:
North Island N30
Thursday 23rd January 2020
N30 Approx. 8,230 bales

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