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Carrfields N28 - Wool Sale - 9 January 2020 - Carrfields Primary Wool Limited
Jan 2020
N28 – Wool Sale – 9 January 2020

The opening sale for 2020 could be described as a little disappointing as most categories were cheaper compared to our last North Island sale and unfortunately the most affected were the new seasons 1st lamb’s wool.
Competition was well spread with all buyers active and 95.5% of the offering being sold.
Although the current market is flat the amount being passed in is low and the wool is moving out of the stores to be scoured or dumped for export.

XBD HGT Fleece and 2nd Shear ~ Nominally 2 to 5% cheaper.
XBD Fleece ~ 1 to 3% cheaper.
XBD 2nd Shear ~ Par to 2% cheaper.
XBD 1st Lambs ~ Generally 5 to 10% cheaper with 28micron and finer most affected.
XBD Oddments ~ Generally par to 2% dearer.

Sale approximately 4.5%

Next Sales
North/South Island N29/C29
Thursday 16th January 2020
N29 Approx. 10,840 bales
C29 Approx. 7,194 bales

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