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Carrfields N12 - Wool Sale - 17 September 2020 - Carrfields Primary Wool Limited
Sep 2020
N12 – Wool Sale – 17 September 2020

Prices improved for most types at today's North Island sale, with strong competition from the 14 strong bench. Well prepared wools are certainly receiving better money compared to the equivalent lot containing shorter poor coloured oddments and skirting. This is especially noticeable in the good colour lots where the importance of uniform white wool is paramount. It was pleasing to see combing (these are longer) hoggets improve in price today, this is possibly attributed to the marked improvement in the Australian sales earlier this week.
XBD Fleece ~ 1.5 to 4% dearer.
XBD 2nd Shear ~ Generally 2 to 3% dearer.
XBD Hgt 2nd Shear ~ 2.5 to 5% dearer with better length most affected.
XBD 2nd Shear Oddments ~ Par to 5% dearer.

Sale approximately 5%
CPW 2%

Next Sale:
South C13
Thursday 24 September 2020
Approx. 10,170 bales

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