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Carrfields N04 - Wool Sale - 23 July 2020 - Wools of New Zealand
Jul 2020
N04 – Wool Sale – 23 July 2020

It is pleasing to report a solid price improvement for all types at today’s North Island sale with 97% of the wool offered being sold. Again, competition was well spread with most exporters saying they are still getting good enquiry. The scouring plants of NZ Wool Scours are very busy with the Hawke's Bay division announcing this week due to unprecedented scouring space demand they will be starting the overflow plant at Clive to relieve scouring space pressure. It must be noted that today’s offering was 40% lower than originally rostered as a result of the recent wet weather combined with a few growers still holding wool.
XBD Fleece ~ Nominally 2% to 6% dearer.
XBD 2nd Shear ~ 3 to 9% dearer.
XBD 2nd Shear Hgts ~ 8 to 12% dearer.
1st Lambs ~ Nominally 2 to 5% dearer.
XBD 2nd Shear Oddments ~ 8 to 10% dearer.

Sale approximately 3%
CPW 0%

Next Sales:
North N06 / South C06
Thursday 6 August 2020
Approx. 8,900 bales N06
Approx. 9,800 bales C06

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