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Carrfields N02 - Wool Sale - 8 July 2021 - Wools of New Zealand
Jul 2021
N02 – Wool Sale – 8 July 2021

Prices continued to firm at today’s North Island sale. As described over the last three months, there is continued strong interest from Europe and India for the white shears currently on the market. In today’s offering, around 70% of the 7852 bales offered were second shears. It is encouraging to note that these two markets have been lifting their prices in line with increasing New Zealand levels. Again, the competition was well spread, with the top four buyers purchasing around 1500 bales each and with the remaining buyers still very active. There was a good clearance with CP only passing in three growers lines.
XBD Fleece ~ 3 to 4% dearer.
XBD 2nd shear ~ 4 to 6% dearer.
XBD Hgt 2nd shear ~ 4 to 5% dearer.
XBD 1st Lambs ~ 5 to 7% dearer.
XBD Oddments~ 2.5 to 7.5% dearer.

Sale approximately 2.0%
CPW 1.9%

Next Sale:
Thursday 15 July 2021
Approx. 5,897 bales

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