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Carrfields Congratulations to Scott Small - Carrfields Primary Wool Limited
Oct 2020
Congratulations to Scott Small

The 2020 Napier Port Hawke's Bay Primary Sector Awards are organised by the Hawke's Bay A & P Society, and recognise some of the finest and most innovative primary professionals in the agriculture industry. 

 Last week, in the Exhibition Hall at the A&P grounds, CP Wool’s Regional Wool Store Manager, Scott Small, won the title of the Unison Hawke’s Bay Primary Sector Professional of the Year. Scott serves on several industry committees, including the Hawke’s Bay A&P Committee and their Sheep Committee, which is the group that originally nominated him in 2019. Wool Manager, Simon Averill, then provided further information and insight into Scott’s role at CP Wool. 

 Scott’s passion for wool and the industry is infectious, he is passionate and driven to educate people on the properties and benefits that wool holdsAs well as Scott’s role at CP Wool, he donates his own time to running Wool Modules for local schools, with a high impact fire display of synthetic vs wool carpet. The young people now are so environmentally aware and it’s important for them to see how wool has an important place in our day to day lives.’ Scott also works with RAS cadets, who are young industry trainees that attend A&P shows and have a go at judging various categories, including fleeces. Scott then judges the judges and provides informed feedback to help the trainees learn and grow in their field. ‘It’s our responsibility to educate this next generation.’  

 Only jotting down a few thank you notes as he walked out the door to the event, Scott was pleased he did as the feeling of heading to the stage made him pretty nervous. Scott said the anxiety disappeared once he got on stage and he just spoke from the heart. CP Wool colleagues and friends and family all filled a table at the event, supporting Scott on the night. 

 Scott’s now working on next year’s Wool Expo at the Hawke’s Bay show that involves all wool brokers and other industry suppliers. ‘Wool should be put on a pedestal, it’s such an amazing product from a magic animal.’ 

 Well done Scott, we’re all very proud of you and you fully deserve this recognition for the tireless work you do for this great product. 


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