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Carrfields C53 - Wool Sale - 30 June 2021 - Wools of New Zealand
Jun 2021
C53 – Wool Sale – 30 June 2021

Prices continued their upward trend of previous weeks for all types. Good colour pre lamb fleece on a limited quantity was well sought after as were good colour shears. A substantial offering of mid micron wool mainly out of North Canterbury saw levels from 27.0 micron to 30.0 in demand although vegetable matter was an issue. Prices for 25.0 to 26.5 micron were erratic except for 25.5 mic which saw a good lift. Being the last sale of the 2020/21 season it was good to see the market end on a positive note, especially when we have experienced one of the worst seasons for prices for some time. Hopefully, the coming season will continue the upward momentum, put Wool out there, and show its real value.

Sale approximately 7%
CPW 10%

Next Sale:
Thursday 8 July 2021
Approx. 7,945 bales

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