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Carrfields C51 - Wool Sale - 17 June 2021 - Wools of New Zealand
Jun 2021
C51 – Wool Sale – 17 June 2021

Wool prices have taken another strong lift across the board in today's wool sale in Christchurch, once again it was the good coloured and well prepared pre-lamb fleece and shears that were in good demand, but on the back of this lift we saw wool with some colour and vm also follow the price trend upwards, some selected lines of lambs saw a significant increase on previous sales also. A small offering of new season mid-micron wool was on offer which brought strong exporter bidding with prices moving up from previous sales. Good sales into Europe and India have been a factor in the current lift for all wools, let us hope it keeps going.

Sale approximately 8%
CPW 7%

Next Sale:
Thursday 24 June 2021
Approx. 9,799 bales

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