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Carrfields C48 - Wool Sale - 26 May 2022 - Wools of New Zealand
May 2022
C48 – Wool Sale – 26 May 2022
With recent monetary announcements this week from the Reserve Bank, causing the NZ Dollar to strengthen against the US by 3%, the wool market unfortunately lost its momentum of recent weeks.   Without this movement, the market would have continued its gains of recent weeks.
Good colour fleece and second shear wools held firm which was encouraging, but the poorer colour types took a check. A high percentage of reoffered wool was brought to the
market and struggled to meet growers expectations. A brighter note was the strong market for merino oddments and second shear types.



Sale approximately 22%
WNZ 17%

Next Sale:
Thursday, 2 June 2022
Approx. 7,400 Bales


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