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Carrfields C45 - Wool Sale - 6 May 2021 - Wools of New Zealand
May 2021
C45 – Wool Sale – 6 May 2021

Prices struggled to maintain the levels of our previous sale with most wool types selling in buyers favour. A high percentage of lambs wool saw exporters very selective in their purchases especially in the 30.5 to 32 micron area. Crossbred fleece continues to show high colour readings with prices holding firm, although depending on barb length prices were erratic. Second shear good colour was very selective, but generally struggled to hold their levels. Going forward, with Pre Lamb not far away, it is concerning to see where prices are currently at.

Sale approximately 22%
CPW 15%

Next Sale:
Thursday 13 May 2021
Approx. 5,568 bales

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