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Carrfields C38 - Wool Sale - 17 March 2022 - Wools of New Zealand
Mar 2022
C38 – Wool Sale – 17 March 2022

Todays wool sale saw prices decline across all categories. Unfortunately, the high percentage of poor quality wool coming forward is beginning to flood the market with Exporters struggling to maintain levels that have been here since the New Year.

Lambs wool especially is beginning to show high vegetable matter and high colour readings which are becoming very difficult to market. Better colour fleece and second shear were well sought after but their was limited quantity on offer.  We cannot control the weather and unfortunately wool quality can suffer when conditions are not suitable.

The passings were the highest for sometime which showed the direction the market was heading.


Sale approximately 26%
WNZ 26%

Next Sale:
Thursday, 24 March 2022
Approx. 11,200 Bales


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