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Carrfields C37 - Wool Sale - 11 March 2021 - Carrfields Primary Wool Limited
Mar 2021
C37 – Wool Sale – 11 March 2021

Prices continued to move in a positive direction across all types at todays South Island Wool Sale. Competition was well spread amongst all Exporters which indicated everyone is doing business and the wool is moving. Lambs wool continues to be well sought after, with good increases in crossbred fleece. Preparation is an ongoing problem, with low prices causing farmers to minimise the cost in the woolshed. If the market can get through 23000 bales on offer next week with not to much correction all industry players will be very happy.

Sale approximately 12%
CPW 7%

Next Sale:
Thursday 18 March 2021
C38 Approx. 6,392 bales
N38 Approx. 11,179 bales

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