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Carrfields C31 - Wool Sale - 30 January 2020 - Wools of New Zealand
Jan 2020
C31 – Wool Sale – 30 January 2020

The wool market began to show signs of nervousness with the Coronavirus out of China sending negative signals to the market. A number of woollen mills in China are closed till February 8th due to the Coronavirus, they will then review the situation before considering re-opening.

All categories of wool were affected especially Lambs wool which continues to be in free fall for most micron categories. Passings crept up to 23% which we have not seen for sometime.

The offering today had a high percentage of good colour fleece which struggled to meet good demand. The Australian market has also been severely affected by the Chinese issues.

Sale approximately 23%
CPW 22%

Next Sale:
North N32
Thursday 5 February 2020
Approx. 5,129 bales

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