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Carrfields C15 - Wool Sale - 8 October 2020 - Carrfields Primary Wool Limited
Oct 2020
C15 – Wool Sale – 8 October 2020

Prices continued their forward momentum of previous weeks across all categories at todays South Island sale. Competition was well spread amongst a full bench of exporters. Crossbred types made up 62% of the offering with fine wools 32%. A renewed demand for good colour shears and crossbred fleece saw these types mainly sought after. The fine wool prices were slightly erratic with the sound and well grown types in demand. Hogget types and tender wools saw exporters very selective. It is good to see wool moving through the chain and with prices gradually creeping up it is creating some new demand, although price levels are still very low. There are problems with shipping delays due to industrial issues in Australia and weather issues through Asia which are causing backlogs at scours and dump stores.

Sale approximately 11%
CPW 7%

Next Sale:
North N16
Thursday 15 October 2020
Approx. 5,915 bales

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