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Carrfields C13 - Wool Sale - 24 September 2020 - Carrfields Primary Wool Limited
Oct 2020
C13 – Wool Sale – 24 September 2020

Todays wool sale saw prices move in a positive direction across all categories which we have not seen for sometime. Crossbred types from pre Lamb fleece to Hogget types where competition was well spread. A good offering of fine wool saw prices take some significant lifts based on very strong markets over the last 2 weeks in Australia mainly due to China's dominance in these categories. Italy and Europe still remain relatively quiet compared to this time last year as they work their way through the COVID-19 disruption.

Sale approximately 6%
CPW 5%

Next Sale:
North N14
Thursday 1 October 2020
Approx. 6,364 bales

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