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Carrfields C11 - Wool Sale - 14 September 2023 - Wools of New Zealand
Sep 2023
C11 – Wool Sale – 14 September 2023

Prices continued to trend upward across all categories, with a shortfall in volumes and scouring space at a premium.  There has been some good enquires over recent weeks, which is putting pressure on prices.  Good increases were seen in average to poor crossbred fleece, and well as good colour crossbred shears were a feature at todays sale.

Crossbred oddments especially good colour types were in demand. Crossbred Hogget types also showed some positive interets. Mid Micron types saw slight increases, although still of concern. Merino wool is beginning to feature with demand for the better style and sound types.

The Australian market has had a good week which was reflected in our sale today.  The presence of Australian Merino Exports certainly increased competition in the fine wool.


Passings South Island:

Sale approximately 10%


Next Sale:

Thursday, 21 September 2023
Approx.  5,905 bales


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