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Carrfields C11 - Wool Sale - 10 September 2020 - Carrfields Primary Wool Limited
Sep 2020
C11 – Wool Sale – 10 September 2020

The wool market continues to stutter along with a very good offering of fine wool and the completion of the pre-lamb crossbred types. Crossbred prices were slightly easier except for crossbred second shear which saw good competition and a slight increase in price. Mid micron types continue to be very volatile with the market in the 21 to 24.5 micron mainly affected with drops of up to $2.00/kg clean since our last sale. Merino wools were on a par with Australia with some of the better types significantly up. Growers are realising where levels are and with the outlook being very subdued are reluctantly meeting the market.

Sale approximately 19%
CPW 9%

Next Sale:
North N12
Thursday 17 September 2020
Approx. 6,283 bales

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