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Carrfields C05 - Wool Sale - 4 August 2022 - Wools of New Zealand
Aug 2022
C05 – Wool Sale – 4 August 2022

Prices remained firm, albeit slightly dearer across all types at todays South Island sale. With quantities severely reduced due to the inclement weather during July, exporters were desperate to fill short term orders. There is certainly a positive upward trend for better colour fleece and second shear.  The beginning of Mid Micron wools coming forward saw 27 to 31 micron increase of up to 5%.

The world economy continues to cause issues, with shipping still a major issue. China continues to be very quiet especially in the fine crossbred types. Mud is going to be a major factor going forward so good preparation is imperative.


Sale approximately 12%
WNZ 10%

Next Sale:
Thursday, 11 August 2022
Approx. 7,330 Bales


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