About us

CP Wool is wholly owned by Primary Wool Cooperative.

We offer a comprehensive wool brokering, handling and marketing service for wool. We employ a team of specialist staff who deliver high levels of wool expertise, excellent technical skills and have extensive experience within the industry.

Wool handled by CP Wool may be sold at auction, by private sale or marketed directly to carpet and woollen mills, yarn-makers or wool exporters. The company handles a wide mix of wools and has the proven expertise to cater for every wool producer from fine wools, through to mid-micron range to strong wools.


CP Wool is a major shareholder in the NZ Yarn wool spinning business located in Christchurch.


Primary Wool Co-Operative Limited is 100% farmer-owned, creates sustainable shareholder returns through its investment in CP Wool and does this by focusing on collaboration, innovation, promotion, advocacy and good governance. Primary Wool Co-Operative Limited was formed by a group of Hawke’s Bay farmers over 45 years ago in 1974 to increase returns for wool growers. Over the ensuing decades, membership has grown to over 1,400 from all regions of New Zealand and significant investment has been made in the NZ wool industry. The proven grower-owned and controlled Co-Operative structure remains paramount. Primary Wool Co-Operative wholly owns CP Wool (CP Wool) and three Primary Wool Co-Operative Directors sit on the CP Wool Board to actively represent the interests of Co-Operative members. Co-operative membership delivers significant benefits to wool growers. A recent analysis showed the average cumulative return to Primary Wool Co-Operative shareholders in the three years to 30 June 2018 was 38%, clearly demonstrating the value farmer-shareholders received from their investment. Farmer-shareholders are proud to be a member of Primary Wool Co-Operative which has the vision to be the strong unified growers’ voice for the industry, the farmer-owned entity to which all wool growers aspire to belong and through which financial returns and expanded opportunities for wool are created. For more information view the Primary Wool website here.

Manufacturers of high quality wool spun yarns for the carpet industry

NZ Yarn Ltd manufactures and markets high quality wool spun yarns for the carpet industry worldwide. These yarns are a reflection of traditional crossbred wools grown in New Zealand featuring excellent colour, crimp, bulkiness, strength and durability. NZ Yarn has the capability of producing in excess of 200,000 kg’s per month. The flexibility in the production of varying types of yarns is well known through the industry. Computer control of key processing units ensures the maintenance of consistently high quality standards and optimum efficiency. Precision in meeting requested delivery dates is aided by the close proximity to the major export port of Lyttelton, and Christchurch International Airport. Product quality is paramount – NZ Yarn’s commitment to quality ensures a high standard and tight control over yarn production is maintained at all times. NZ Yarn is 100 per cent New Zealand owned by CP Wool and independent investors including farmers and growers. www.nzyarn.co.nz



OUR CP wool key Contacts

CP Wool supports the global return to this eco-friendly, renewable resource that offers wide-ranging health and safety benefits. Talk to us about making the very best of your primary product.


ADDRESS 1194 Maraekakaho Road,
PO Box 2433, Stortford Lodge,
Hastings 4153
HEAD OFFICE 0800 276 999
OFFICE PHONE +64 6 835 1767
FAX +64 6 835 5066
EMAIL info@cpwool.co.nz


MOBILE +64 27 332 3049
EMAIL john.mcwhirter@woolsnz.com


Simon Averill National Wool Manager
MOBILE +64 27 684 0049
EMAIL simon.averill@cpwool.co.nz


Mark Greenlaw South Island Wool and Business Development Manager
MOBILE +64 27 227 8898
EMAIL mark.greenlaw@cpwool.co.nz